Story of an African girls’ future as a pilot

Sometime back I wrote a post about BITSA and how we do ICT Literacy Drives in high schools around our university.

At Kapsabet Girls, I asked a young lady what she wanted to be wqhen she grows up. She replied:

“A pilot! Its always been my dream to walk the skies…”

She went on and on about how she’s admired the protocols and gadgets and the endless skies…all of which she had only seen on television and magazines.

I recently visited Moi International Airport in Mombasa. I was privileged to visit the control tower and the approach.  The activities at each of these departments reminded me of the little girl from Kapsabet Girls and it got me wondering: does she know how to be a pilot?

This question has bothered me for a couple of weeks now. I perceived it as a question the girl would ask:

“Excuse me, do you know how I can become a pilot?”

Each one of  us has a responsibility to ensure that the people around us have access to information and knowledge. Each one of our parents struggled to get us through school so that with the little we picked up we would make something sensible out of our lives. Our education, our access to knowledge has enabled most of us to get to where we are now…if not, we are able to plan for the future of our lives.

Give someone the same chance. Give someone access to information and knowledge. My dad always says:

“People will steal your phone, your blankets and your money…but they will never ever separate you and the knowledge you have gained”.

…I’m off to find that girl. Her future as a pilot depends on it…


2 thoughts on “Story of an African girls’ future as a pilot

  1. Wow, it has always been my knowledge that our dreams are like crossing stones in a swift river, one slip and they are washed away. I hope that girl finds a way to be a pilot. I am in a different career but I know one day I will too.

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