The mindset of an IT Guy

Here’s the beauty of being in a university Information Technology department in this day and age: arguements! Quite disappointingly though is that the basis on which these arguements are made. Rather than sound factual principles, most people would rather argue on the basis of personal bias!

Its human to be biased (thanks in part to our emotions). However its also human to be realistic! An Information Technology personnel cannot afford to be biased to any  form of technology. Such a person should have the mindset that each piece of technology has its strengths and weaknesses and thus should exploit every opportunity each has to offer. As far as possible, these technologies should be integrated together to reap their maximum benefits.

I’ll give an example. We all have a liking for certain browsers. It could be Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and the likes. A close study of these browsers reveals that each one of them has some sort of strength, benefit or advantage over the other. For example, Opera supports torrents, Chrome is crazy fast, Firefox and Internet Explorer have great support for addons. (Same case applies to things like development platforms, web search engines and social networks.)

What I’m trying to say is that every piece of technology (and its variants) should be studied in depth and their SWOT analysis be determined. The knowledge gained from this should be used to integrate these technologies together with the aim of creating a more efficient way of doing things.

**In my thinking a case that has succeeded with what I propose here is WAMP**


4 thoughts on “The mindset of an IT Guy

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