My idea of Kenya’s (and Africa’s) future in Technology

If there’s one steadily growing industry in Kenya, its the Information Technology Industry. Any one Kenyan can say such without a single doubt. The evidence is all around. Think of all the web service companies, internet service providers, communication companies and more recently, the launch of the SEACOM fibre optic cable and the soon to come TEAMS and EASSY Cables.

With all these gains, its natural (and typically Kenyan) to think about tapping into this vast world and gaining from it. There are many ways you can do this. One such way is by using technology for development. Africa lags behind in development in so many ways but perhaps the most fascinating thing is that technology never does!

So, the question we then pose is this: how can we use technology to develop our continents nations? My answer? Cloud Computing.

It may sound strange at first, but let me break it down into chewable bits for you. Africa, and more specifically Kenya, has a very large market for mobile phones. You may even say that communication is a culture in our continent! Cloud computing, a fairly recent concept, involves doing everything you could possibly do on a normal PC to the cloud i.e the internet.

A combination of both results into a system where common services which were once costly can now be offered at a much reduced proce and at the same time spur growth and development. Let me illustrate: instead of small and medium sized companies investing in expensive internet infrastructure, they can pay for what they use in the cloud i.e processing power and even storage.

For this dream to be realized, we need to address certain challenges such as internet policy and even infrastructure. Such should be done considering the potential of  growth and development that this model of computing offers.

I’m just saying! =)


One thought on “My idea of Kenya’s (and Africa’s) future in Technology

  1. Hi
    I am very interested in this cloud computing, infact I am pursuing it as my MSc project. What I lack is information on the adoption and usage by the local firms – do you have any pointers?

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